Kentucky: Fight fascist attacks on workers

08 June 2024 293 hits

MADISON COUNTY, KY, April 22 - Today members of the Progressive Labor Party joined the Madison County Tenants Union to rally for the repeal of HB5, Kentucky’s new “Safer Kentucky” Act that makes us all unsafe! The law criminalizes homeless workers by making it illegal to camp on public property. It will increase incarceration and prison labor which only benefits the bosses. It also authorizes violent attacks by business and property owners on people camping on their property, and gives the green light to vigilantes to use “deadly physical force” against anyone who they think is trying to “dispossess” them of their property. These are all classic ways for the bosses to build a fascist movement.

We marched to the office of the Republican state senators behind this law, chanting and singing our union songs. Their response? They locked the door on us! We continued with speeches and testimonials outside, and shoved our scroll of over a thousand signatures in between the locked doors. This rally shook up the political bosses and was featured on the bosses’ news media. We were able to spend some time strengthening our ties with other tenant union members. We shared a CHALLENGE newspaper with them, leading to discussions about the need to overthrow this entire fascist capitalist system!

Going beyond tenant organizing

And to overthrow capitalism we have to go beyond fighting the local racists in Kentucky. We have to organize against Genocide Joe Biden who is continuing Trump’s racist attacks on migrants, escalating his predecessor Obama’s racist attacks on migrants. We have to become part of a worldwide movement against imperialism and the looming world war. The bosses want to blame migrants for problems created by capitalism. And they also want workers to kill each other in wars that can only benefit these profiteering capitalists. Let’s join the worldwide fight for a world run by the world’s workers. That’s communism.  Join the Progressive Labor Party