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LETTERS of May 25

British Imperialism Uses Royal Wedding

The British aristocracy and the Royal family have a thousand-year history of empire secured through rivers of workers’ blood and enslavement of millions. These rulers have spread their filth of racism, exploitation and war to a worldwide colonial system.

Today British imperialism has been reduced to a third-rate power by other imperialists and is desperately trying to rally its working class to support a resurrection of British power, the Royal family and new imperialist ventures. English workers were “given” a day off to win their participation in the Royal wedding celebrating privilege, power and patriotism. The event cost $12.5 billion worth of lost productivity, $100 million for security and $34 million for the wedding itself, paid by more taxes on workers now facing huge austerity cuts while millions are jobless, homeless and hungry.

The Royal family and British imperialism tremble as millions of workers in North Africa, the Mid-East and countries worldwide take to the streets rebelling against royal and family-dynasty billionaires who subject them to poverty, unemployment and misery while surrendering their countrys’ wealth and resources to imperialist bosses.

Communists must support the lead of workers’ worldwide rebellion against royal and imperialist oppressors and try to link their struggles with the need to destroy capitalism in all its forms and build communism.

A Comrade

Unity A Winner in Fight vs. Racist School Scheme

 About fifty students and teachers participated in the last part of a series of panel discussions organized by the debate team. This one was called “Millennium Brooklyn is Coming…Now What?”

The purpose of the event was to bring together all those who participated in the struggle against a new middle-class, mostly white school, being placed in our school building by the Department of Education (DoE). As CHALLENGE previously reported, this school would get funding that the four other schools in the building never got, setting up an apartheid-like situation within the building.

We wanted to analyze the gains our struggle had made, despite being unable to stop the new school from opening next fall. Students wrote speeches on different topics, including the segregation within NYC schools, the imperialist wars in the Middle East, the budget cuts, a recap of our fight against racism and what “winning” meant to us.

The main point made by the debaters was that even though Millennium Brooklyn could not be stopped from entering our building, our fight against racism continues. They emphasized that students and teachers still have to fight back because students shouldn’t have to be left behind just because their parents make less money than those in the new school.

One debater powerfully urged students on the John Jay campus to unite with students entering Millennium Brooklyn in the fall. She explained that the ones creating the segregation in the schools are the DoE bosses and not those new students. The debaters emphasized that the main “win” accomplished was the unity built between the students of the three schools. In previous years fights between students from the different schools were common.

This struggle also educated many about how the DoE has set up so many working-class schools to fail. The clear connection between the trillions spent by U.S. imperialism to conquer the oil-rich Middle East while school budgets continually get slashed was one example given. Lastly students recounted their development as leaders in the struggle. Everyone was invited to May Day so that we can all fight back against the biggest problem of all, capitalism.

School comrades

Stockton, CA.: Revitalize Struggle for Communism

On May Day, about 125 workers and students marched for immigrant rights. PL’ers marched along with black, Latino and white workers with signs in Spanish and English reading “The Workers’ Struggle Has No Borders. “ Our leaflet warned workers about the bosses’ intent on using 
unemployed and immigrant workers to recruit as soldiers for their oil wars for profit. A professor friend translated the flyer into Spanish. The immigrant community here has revitalized the 1st of May. We need to revitalize the struggle for

Friends in Stockton, CA.

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