International Committee Against Racism (InCAR)

Progressive Labor Party (PLP)

May Day March

Washington, D.C.
Saturday, May 6, 1995

Would you like to march to the White House with thousands of other workers, students, and youth, black, Latin, Asian, and white, men and women, foreign and American-born, employed and unemployed, with the message of working class unity and turning back the rising tide of cutbacks and racism? March on May Day with the Progressive Labor Party and the International Committee Against Racism to:

March for Power to the Working Class

The solution of the Progressive Labor Party and the International Committee Against Racism is radically different, because we have no profits, no property, no national interest to protect. We fight to protect the future of our class.

Fight for jobs: Fight for 6 hours work at 8 hours pay

This is the only way to create millions more jobs at the expense of the bosses, not the working class. We don't have to settle for constant layoffs and wage cuts. May Day was born from the struggle to get the 8 hour work day.

Build Internationalism, smash all borders

Borders exist only to divide the world for profit making. Patriotism and nationalism are used to get workers to side with the bosses in their country instead of uniting with the working class throughout the world.

Fight for Communist Revolution

The public disputes between the Democrats and Republicans are meant to divert us from building a working class movement that could liberate us from the profit system. Both parties are pushing the attacks on workers. Elections and working within the system cannot change capitalism. We need to eliminate this system. Workers produce everything of value, not the parasite bosses. We can build a society where the collective wealth is shared and the working class makes the decisions.

March on May Day

For over 100 years, all over the world, workers have marched on May Day for their class demands. Naturally, the bosses in this country have tried to keep us ignorant of this holiday, which started right here in the U.S. They use conditions in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Cuba and China to make us cynical about fighting capitalism and building a true communist system. We don't have to accept this greedy and corrupt system. We can fight back. Reject capitalism's unemployment and misery. March on May 6.

May Day March

Saturday, May 6, 1995
Washington, D.C.

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