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Progressive Labor Party (PLP) fights to destroy capitalism and the dictatorship of the capitalist class. We organize workers, soldiers and youth into a revolutionary movement for communism.

Only the dictatorship of the working class — communism — can provide a lasting solution to the disaster that is today’s world for billions of people. This cannot be done through electoral politics, but requires a revolutionary movement and a mass Red Army led by PLP.

Worldwide capitalism, in its relentless drive for profit, inevitably leads to war, fascism, poverty, disease, starvation and environmental destruction. The capitalist class, through its state power — governments, armies, police, schools and culture —  maintains a dictatorship over the world’s workers. The capitalist dictatorship supports, and is supported by, the anti-working-class ideologies of racism, sexism, nationalism, individualism and religion.

While the bosses and their mouthpieces claim “communism is dead,” capitalism is the real failure for billions worldwide. Capitalism returned to Russia and China because socialism retained many aspects of the profit system, like wages and privileges. Russia and China did not establish communism.

Communism means working collectively to build a worker-run society. We will abolish work for wages, money and profits. Everyone will share in society’s benefits and burdens. 

Communism means abolishing racism and the concept of “race.” Capitalism uses racism to super-exploit black, Latino, Asian and indigenous workers, and to divide the entire working class.

Communism means abolishing the special oppression of women — sexism — and divisive gender roles created by the class society.

Communism means abolishing nations and nationalism. One international working class, one world, one Party.

Communism means that the minds of millions of workers must become free from religion’s false promises, unscientific thinking and poisonous ideology. Communism will triumph when the masses of workers can use the science of dialectical materialism to understand, analyze and change the world to meet their needs and aspirations.

  Communism means the Party leads every aspect of society. For this to work, millions of workers — eventually everyone — must become communist organizers. Join Us!


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‘I always felt communism was natural to me’

   I joined the Progressive Labor Party (PLP) for many reasons. Most importantly it was my shared hatred for the way things are currently governed under the capitalist catastrophe, in combo with the harsh realities of being a Black worker forced to live under this racist system. A woman PL’er  introduced me to communist ideas. I began revealing to her things that bothered me about our existence as Black people and how our lives aligned with others around the world, and she helped me realize the ways in which my thought processes aligned with party’s line.
 My family has been fighting against police and the racist system since I was a child. Watching my family fight with such frequency has made the police the enemy in my eyes. I can recall memories of waking up with guns in our faces, as the police would kick in my grandmother’s door looking for her sons, my uncles, to lock them up. In addition to my hate for this decaying system and its KKKOPS, there was always this sense of disbelief that stirred in me whenever I listened to politicians talking.
I watched how Demopublicans or Republicrats, whichever party they claim to be, don’t really care about you and me. Yet they terrorize and deprive, working people, especially Black workers of the basic rights they claim to protect.
I would alway laugh at their promises of equality, and justice. It was this and my experiences of being  a Black man in the U.S., as well as observing  the experiences of my working class brothers and sisters that uncovered these lies to me early on in life.
When I returned to Puerto Rico in April with the brigade of comrades from New York and New Jersey to affirm our solidarity with the island’s residents, I was able to see my values put in practice. There were six of us from the original 25 members of last year’s summer project. We revisited the school in Toa Baja and found out that the school had been reopened because of petition efforts by the local parents and teacher organizations. To see parents, teachers, and workers from the community defy the island bosses, occupy the school, and turn it into a community center was supremely powerful for me to witness. It makes me want to get more involved! It showed me that like Black workers, Puerto Rican workers have a resiliency and determination that I admire. They keep fighting no matter how hard they get knocked down.
To be able to do this type of work has developed my awareness of class-consciousness;the same things they are doing to you, they are doing to me. We are in the same class and if we struggle together we can win.
Moreover, my newfound camaraderie with PLP members helped shape my creative process as a film-maker/documentarian, such that it enabled me to use my craft as a vessel for communicating anti-racist and communist values.
PLP gave me a whole new perspective for understanding the world, and the way capitalism is constantly contorting, shape-shifting and creating new ways to distort our reality, and create unnatural divisions amongst workers. Best of all, the most exciting part of being a communist is the way it makes me feel, more alive as opposed to just living or existing. Looking back I always felt like communism was natural to me.

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