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Progressive Labor Party (PLP) fights to destroy capitalism and the dictatorship of the capitalist class. We organize workers, soldiers and youth into a revolutionary movement for communism.

Only the dictatorship of the working class — communism — can provide a lasting solution to the disaster that is today’s world for billions of people. This cannot be done through electoral politics, but requires a revolutionary movement and a mass Red Army led by PLP.

Worldwide capitalism, in its relentless drive for profit, inevitably leads to war, fascism, poverty, disease, starvation and environmental destruction. The capitalist class, through its state power — governments, armies, police, schools and culture —  maintains a dictatorship over the world’s workers. The capitalist dictatorship supports, and is supported by, the anti-working-class ideologies of racism, sexism, nationalism, individualism and religion.

While the bosses and their mouthpieces claim “communism is dead,” capitalism is the real failure for billions worldwide. Capitalism returned to Russia and China because socialism retained many aspects of the profit system, like wages and privileges. Russia and China did not establish communism.

Communism means working collectively to build a worker-run society. We will abolish work for wages, money and profits. Everyone will share in society’s benefits and burdens. 

Communism means abolishing racism and the concept of “race.” Capitalism uses racism to super-exploit black, Latino, Asian and indigenous workers, and to divide the entire working class.

Communism means abolishing the special oppression of women — sexism — and divisive gender roles created by the class society.

Communism means abolishing nations and nationalism. One international working class, one world, one Party.

Communism means that the minds of millions of workers must become free from religion’s false promises, unscientific thinking and poisonous ideology. Communism will triumph when the masses of workers can use the science of dialectical materialism to understand, analyze and change the world to meet their needs and aspirations.

  Communism means the Party leads every aspect of society. For this to work, millions of workers — eventually everyone — must become communist organizers. Join Us!


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DC transit workers get strike-ready

WASHINGTON, DC, July 15—Two thousand DC Metro transit workers overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike today. Speech after speech, workers called for the end of privatization and the bosses’ strict disciplinary policies. Members of the Progressive Labor Party (PLP) pointed out the racist nature of the bosses’ attacks. As the transit bosses attack the predominantly Black workers, they are attacking all workers, including the workers who ride the busses and trains. A strike authorization vote is symbolic and sharper fightback is necessary, such as job actions and a strike. We need to flex our working class muscles because eventually we need a revolution, the abolition of capitalism, and a communist world—workers’ power!
The contract expired on June 30, 2016. After nearly a year of negotiations, the union held a series of mass meetings. The overwhelming sentiment from the workers was to continue negotiations, insist that our demands be met, and avoid arbitration which generally works against workers’ interests. PL’ers are fighting to make the union strike ready in order to increase our strength for the coming struggle.
In September 2017, despite the objections of the membership, the union leadership invoked arbitration to resolve the contract dispute. In the arbitration hearing, Metro bosses called for eliminating the defined benefit pension system for new employees, increasing the cost of health insurance and a three-year wage freeze. As of today there has been no outcome of the arbitration process.
Today’s strike vote did not address the stalled arbitration process, but rather centered on violations of the current collective bargaining agreement. The response of the press and the local politicians to the strike vote went from calling for congressional action to dissolving the union to reducing the local governments’ financial contributions to Metro. One politician did express vague support for the workers but not for the strike. As usual, the press and politicians support the bosses.
More fight ahead
There is a lot of work to do before a strike can be successful. There are over 8,000 members of the local and they need to be organized around the demands. Since a strike against the transit authority is illegal, the membership must be prepared for attacks from the courts. An illegal strike is no simple matter!
PLP is working hard to prepare for the fight ahead. A successful strike at Metro could strengthen the entire labor movement. Metro is key to the functioning of the country’s capital. The last time the local went on a wildcat strike in 1978, the federal courts called it a national emergency. (Wildcat strike is when the workers go on strike without the approval of their union bosses.) Its effect this time would be even greater, and would lead to government and management reprisals.
The main task before us is to build the Party club at Metro and also strengthen the emerging rank and file leadership. This is particularly important because of the growing weakness of U.S. imperialism. The bosses do not want any serious challenges from the labor movement as they build racism and prepare for war. Stay tuned for further developments as we seek to grow the revolutionary movement even as we fight  to improve the workers’ day-to-day situation through intensified class struggle.

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